• Wallaceville Estate

Wallaceville Estate

Current project projected to be over 700 Lots and homes

Rural land in the very heart of a city is almost unheard of and this was the last opportunity that Upper Hutt would have to bring online large-scale residential development on the valley floor. Gillies Group through its established reputation for completing projects to a high standard and quality, saw them secure this premier piece of land.

Formally the Agricultural Research Centre, and flanked at either end by train stations, this is premium property which afforded Gillies Group the opportunity to create a greenfield development that integrates parks and bush into a residential setting.

Still under development and projected to be over 700 homes, it includes everything from townhouses to 1200m2 sites. It is this variety, and the flat land that have driven demand to far exceed supply with every release selling within weeks.

Within Wallaceville, Gillies Group have created stages of Comprehensive residential Development. The first 2 of these were stages 1b and 5. Here they were single level freestanding homes.

Responding to council directive and market demand they have since started building two level townhouses in duplex and terraced configurations, another first for the local Market.