South Pacific Tyres  / Brewtown

Upper Hutt was built on the back of this significant employer for over 60 years. Its closure left not only a hole in the community but also a large commercial space that sat predominately empty for years.
Gillies Group identified the opportunity in 2007 and subdivided the single 46,000m2 large tenancy into 80 plus tenancies and has never looked back.

Some projects are simply left as too big or uncertain, Gillies Group none-the less undertook earthquake strengthening and asbestos removal on a massive scale to bring the buildings up to current specs.

During this time, they have also worked with the council to create and now realize the vision of Brewtown; a destination brewing and entertainment precinct that is drawing visitors from around the region, much like the vineyards of Martinborough have. The concept crystalized after a study tour through Portland, Oregon (USA) to see how they combined craft brewing and food to build these co-operative environments between usually competing breweries.

Brewtown recently won the award for Hospitality and Tourism at the local business awards.

Gillies Group as a landlord and partner, aims to support the local brewers by providing an environment where they can showcase their unique brands.

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